Best over ear headphones 2019


The best over ear headphones are for people who do not like to fully immerse themselves in hearing or prefer earbuds to ears. These headphones can help block out some of the noise outside the world even when not using active noise cancellation. Drivers that are larger than earbuds allow over-ear joints to produce better sound than comparatively priced earbuds, so your music will sound better. We tested hundreds of over ear headphones, including wireless Bluetooth, traditional wired wires, and noise-canceling sets, to best recommend each need. Headphones have their advantages and disadvantages, which affect how well they fit in certain environments and conditions, depending on the type of headphones that work best for you and your listening habits.

Over ear headphone
Best over ear headphone

How we choose the best over-ear headphones

Is there hi-fi here? We review hundreds of products every year, including more than our fair share of over ear headphones. So how do we come to our review rulings? And why can you trust them?

We have state-of-the-art testing facilities in London and Bath, where our team of expert reviewers work with all of our tests, spending time with products to ensure thorough review in each direction.
All products are tested by comparing them to competing products in the same category, and all review rulings are agreed by the whole team instead of a single reviewer, again ensuring consistency and avoiding uniqueness.

What hi-fi The team has over 100 combined years of experience reviewing, testing and writing about consumer electronics, and what is Hi-Fi? Expert reviews have been provided since 1976. From all our reviews, we choose featured products for such products in our Best voice.A given some of the models listed below will be suitable for this national use best over ear headphone.

  1. Sony WH-1000XM3
  2. Bowers & Wilkins PX7
  3. Sennheiser Momentum Wireless
  4. Grado SR80e
  5. AKG N60NC Wireless
  6. Shure SRH154
  7. AKG K72
  8. Grado SR325e

What are over ear headphone?

Over-ear headphones usually have thick headbands and large ear cups that completely surround the ear.

Who should buy over-ear headphones?

Audiences who want a comfortable fit for easy acquisition and don’t mind the large headphone size.


Some over-ear headphones can be folded, and even with a travel case available, this is not their hard case. Over-the-year headphones are the largest and least portable of the types of headphones we are talking about today.

Over-the-ear headphones can transport you straight to your desk or couch instead of going for a fence and accompanying them.


Wearing a pair of comfortable over-the-ear headphones is like snuggling with a warm blanket. Large ear cups cover your ears perfectly, so you don’t have to worry about your ears being damaged. Some high-over-the-air headphones can get a bit heavy, however, look for a pair that has padded headband, comfortable pads on ear caps and won’t make you sweat.
Some high-over-ear headphones can become quite heavy due to their high-quality materials and internal components. Be sure to look for a pair that has padded headband and a comfortable ear cup. The thing to look for here is that they make you sweat during long listening sessions.

Results: Over-the-ear headphones are generally the most comfortable design design. They are easy to wear, usually not well-padded and do not apply as much strain to your head as on-ear models. On the other hand, the design of the ear exerts direct pressure on the ear canal, which can be a very uncomfortable experience for the listener, depending on the audience.


There is a weak correlation with the type of sound quality headphones. This means that the quality of the word depends on the model you choose, rather than your type. Medium over-ear headphones and vice versa will make a great pair of earbuds sound better.

Although no direct correlation with sound quality, the design of headphones can sometimes improve some aspects of sound such as sound stage, frequency response and total harmonic distortion.Larger drivers can generally create improved bass, and larger open-back ear caps often have more spacious sound stage. Harmonic distortion can also be influenced by the size of the driver, but like other sound elements, it will depend on the model you choose.


Since they have the largest drivers, high-over-air-headphones can generally reproduce a wide range of frequencies from silky smooth highs to tight, deep bass. With your ears fully encased in ear caps, over-ear headphones are able to provide good separation while still allowing for a wider sound stage.
From a sound standpoint, all of the world’s very best headphones are over-the-ear headphones.

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