Best on-ear headphones budge and noise-cancelling


On-ear headphones are generally more compact than over-the-ear designs. They have small cups of earrings that rely on the ear and are a little less shaven.Headphones are the most popular electronic accessories for the younger generation, especially for music lovers and gaming freaks.They allow in-person listening to music or watching videos while disconnecting all communication in the rush of daily life.

Over time, with significant advances in science and technology, headphones have evolved into three major types namely: on-ear headphones, in-ear headphones and over-ear headphones.

On ear headphones are a mix of in-ear and over-ear headphones, as they feature many of the lightweight, compact and over-ear headphones. Due to its sound quality, on-ear headphones of portability and compact design are gaining a lot of popularity, especially for music lovers who like to travel. There is a lot of information to know about these types of headphones.

Top 5 on-ear headphones

ProductBattery life Unique Feature
Bose quiet comfort 35 II 20 Hrs Alexa enabled headphone
Sony MDR-XB950B1 18 HrsExtra bass technology
Audio-Technica ATH-SR5NBW WiredFlexible swivel design
Steelseries Arctis 7 24 HrsFabric Air Weave ear
AKG Y50 Black Wired3 D axis folding mechanism

What are on-ear headphones?

On-ear headphones or semi-aural headphones are a mediator between in-ear and over-ear headphones. These headphones are larger than the earphones and provide great sound quality. The earpieces fit the ear perfectly and are much more compact than over-ear headphones, providing a much more comfortable experience for the listener.

These types of headphones don’t completely seal the ear. It allows you to interact with your surroundings as you enjoy your music in person as it does not completely eliminate the noise around you. Due to its light weight and portability, they are perfect for gym trips, racing and workout sessions.

These headphones are also gaining popularity among gaming freaks as they are capable of enhancing the overall gaming experience due to the great sound, frequency ranges and microphones that allow voice chat.

These are perfect for fitting the resistor completely from falling over. One of the best headphones to use on-ear and especially for those who love music.

There are three types of headphones

  1. On-ear headphone
  2. In-ear headphone
  3. Over-ear headphone
On ear headphones
On-ear headphone
On ear headphones
In-ear headphone
On ear headphones
Over-ear headphone

Comfort and Adjust-ability

The on-ear headphones that you are buying should have ear pads that have a soft cushion that relaxes the audience. It should provide enough ventilation to the ears so you don’t end up with red and sweaty ears after a while.

Furthermore, headphones do not always fit users perfectly. It can be very loose which causes it to slide down. This can be quite annoying for a person especially when traveling. Therefore, it is important for the head band to be adjusted to the size of your head. The user should always be comfortable and relaxed while enjoying his or her favorite music.

Sound quality

The sound quality of headphones is one of the main reasons to check before buying. For other features like on-ear headphones frequency and extra bus technology that enhance the overall experience of the audience.

The headphone will be able to give you a live festival or club experience. Choose an on-ear headphone that offers high crop and natural medium notes.

 Noise Cancellation

Go for a headphone that has a title cancellation feature! It allows you to enjoy music from the outside without any hassle. It seals your ears and cuts any sound around, making them more quiet. Therefore, you can enjoy the best sound quality by enhancing the overall experience.


Be sure to get important calls while you enjoy listening to your favorite music. The headphone has a built-in mic to allow you to call without opening the headphones. This makes travel more convenient. Furthermore, for gaming purposes a mic allows gamer to chat with peers there for a better gaming experience.

Controls and Other Features

An important part of a good headphone is its controls. These include various headphones that allow the user to change the media playback, enable / disable the mic on the headphone, mute the audio as well as change the volume, even with certain headphones with LED lights with controls for customization.

Some on-ear headphones come with sensors that interrupt audio when you turn the headphone off and restart when you turn it on again. On the other hand, open audition modes let you talk to you and hear you around without opening your headphone. These controls and features add convenience to finding when you’re about to buy one, making it much more convenient to use on-ear headphones.

Brand and Warranty

Brands play an important role in purchasing on-ear headphones. A well-known brand like Sony, Bose, Beardynamic, Sennheiser, Philips, etc. offers quality as well as reliability. They provide the best quality products with good warranty. They provide the best quality products with good warranty.Choose a good brand and an on-ear headphone of warranty so you can spend an amount on it without regretting your decision.


Price is the main reason to buy any product! There are lots of on-ear headphones in the market for different price ranges. Under Budget, there are headphones available for people under 3K that provide an amazing sound quality with great features

On the other hand, high end on-ear headphones are available under different brands in the 7K – 30K price range. These are perfect for buyers who want a product with the best sound quality and unique features, with no control over the price. So, it’s important to check your budget when buying so you don’t regret it later!


Buying an on-ear headphone size is an important factor. A huge and large size headphone is inconvenient because you can’t easily carry it wherever you want it. Find a compact headphone so you can use it easily and carry it around easily! However the size choices may vary from person to person. So, go for the size you prefer according to your needs.

  Water Resistance and Durability

On-ear headphones are portable devices that enable you to enjoy listening to music on the go. The headphone you buy should be water resistant so that it does not get damaged when exposed to rain or any other water source.

Furthermore, it should be made of a high quality durable material that ensures the longevity of the headphones so that you do not regret buying it after a few months of use.

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