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Are you looking for best cheap headphones, but don’t want to jump over modern features like sound quality, comfort and noise cancellation and Bluetooth? You have come to the right place. As an art, there is a big difference between finger painting and Picasso – somewhere with a happy medium – and this holds true for headphones as well.

Here at TechRadar, we have built a reputation for using the latest, greatest, and ethical technology in the world. However, even in the face of all the high-end equipment, we still have the passion to find great tech items that anyone can afford and the best cheap headphones are a great place to start.

cheap headphones
cheap headphones

This passion for sustainability inspired us to make the list of the best cheap headphone in the market in 2021 – we put our bargain-hunting skills to great use and found a great range of cheap headphones that you can buy without having to think twice about it.

You can spend a few hundred (even thousands) on the new pair of headphones, and in some cases it’s completely justified. But you can still get great results from budget headphones. And sometimes, for a quick commute or slinging in the bag or even as an always reliable back-up option, these national pairs are just the ticket.

What are cheap headphones?

Cheap can mean different things to different people. But generally, budget-based headphones start at $ 50, even from big headphone brands.Because of this, for most people, cheap headphones usually cost less than 50 bucks. Now you might think it’s still a bit high for your taste, so you have more options to choose from (even cheaper).

cheap headphones
cheap headphones

You can still get strong headphones for less than $ 30 and have a real bargain for less than $ 20. Just don’t expect the best brands because you won’t find them in this category.

What do you expect from cheap headphones?

Low prices do not mean bad quality.

All the headphones offered here offer more than the price provided There are a few things to consider, however, when you are spending less money for a pair of headphones, manufacturers are saving the first and most common thing is durability.

  • Budget headphones usually have a completely plastic structure and do not use any fancy or expensive materials, so you need to treat them properly.
  • Many times, older models get a great discount that makes them affordable. No problem with a new price especially if the previous model is still competitive. But that doesn’t mean you can’t expect great design or bragging rights with it.
  • Older Bluetooth versions and smaller battery capacity are expected on wireless headphones. While this is not necessarily true every time, you should not expect the latest updates and best batteries when you spend less money.
  • Still, you don’t have to spend any more money to get great sound. Since sound is the most important part of any headphones, all models in this guide offer great sound quality for their price (ie audio quality that you can expect 2-3x from headphones).

Some of the best budget headphone brands

Just as there are premiums, there are some high-end headphone brands that specialize in making affordable headphones for a reasonable price. Any lot of cheap brands use generic headphones and plaster their logo, but some actually have their own development which adds more value. . Although most companies are probably some of the best budget headphone brands in the combination of the two. Their headphones tend to be quite good and very competitive when it comes to their pricing.

  1. Mono-Price is probably the most well-known audiophile budget brand, negotiating prices between over-the-ear and in-ear.

2. Koss is an old company with great recognition among audiophiles; They have retro-on-ear culture status.

3. MEE Audio provides competitive workout headphones for less money, you can choose wired and wireless.

4. The Empo is one of the most successful generic brands that offers all kinds of headphones.

5. Tautronics specializes in all kinds of cheap wireless headphones.

Shortcoming of Cheap headphones

The battery doesn’t last forever.

Since you are paying little, you are not getting the best quality. And with the battery, it’s painfully obvious.A conservative expectation would be that the battery will last for about 2 to 3 years (has satisfactory capacity). If you get more, this is not a rule.

Bluetooth performance may be to blame.

Since you’ve lost connectivity to minimal interruptions and high-end wireless headphones, it’s reasonable to expect this to happen with budget models as well. Although we will try our best not to recommend headphones like that.

Audio quality may be lacking.

Bluetooth reduces sound quality by converting it to a digital format, and a lot has been developed to solve this problem (but has not been fixed yet) In general, since more money is spent on wireless circuitry, less money is left for drivers. In general, you can expect decent audio but don’t compare them to audiophile headphones.

Thank you for reading our guide. We hope this was helpful. Please let us know if we missed something or need some improvement. We really want your feedback.

Now we will list some headphones which are very good at cheap prices

  • Koss UR-20
  • Audio-Technica ATH-M20x
  • Koss PortaPro
  • Mpow H5
  • Avantree Audition
  • Grado SR60e
  • Monoprice 8323 Hi-FI DJ Style Headphones
  • Taotronics TT-BH040
  •  Beyerdynamic DT 240 Pro
  • AKG K72

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